The Cost Of Living In Egypt For Expats

Once renowned as the cradle of civilisation, Egypt is now developing a reputation as a top destination for expats. From entrepreneurs to teachers to digital nomads, Egypt offers a wealth of opportunity for foreign workers looking to start a new life in a truly intrepid part of the modern world. As many as 544,000 expats currently call Egypt their home.

Better still, expats will be delighted to know that the cost of living in Egypt is much lower than in other parts of the world. Here’s our complete guide to the cost of living in Egypt for expats.

The cost of living in Egypt

What could be better than starting a new life in this beautiful and historic country? How about saving money on the cost of living while you’re there!

According to 2022 data, the cost of living in Egypt is around 86.3% lower than in the United Kingdom and 65% lower than in the United States. These statistics take into account everything from the average rent in cities like Cairo and Alexandria, to the cost of everyday consumer goods.

So, to answer the question ‘is it expensive to live in Egypt?’, for most expats would be ‘not at all.’ However, expats moving to Egypt must take into account that the average salary will be much lower, even if they are taking a lucrative job at a multinational company.

The GDP per capita in Egypt was a mere US$3,898.52 in 2021. Even high-skilled workers at the top end of the salary bracket in Egypt can only expect to earn around US$147/EGP3,640 per month, while low-skilled workers earn just US$89/EGP2,200.

Having said that, many expats moving to Egypt can expect to earn much more. The average expat salary in Egypt is around three times higher on average, at around US$371/EGP9,200, with those at the highest end of the salary range earning as much as US$1,660/EGP41,100. While it may not seem like much in comparison to Western salaries, the low cost of living in Egypt means expats will be able to live a comfortable lifestyle with little worry.