Portuguese Government Announcement: Updates on Golden Visa


Following a ministerial meeting held earlier today (Thursday 16 February) it has been announced by the Portuguese Government that it has created a package of housing measures, including the proposal to end the Golden Visa program for future applicants.  


What We Know So Far   

During the next month, these measures will undergo public discussion and on Thursday 16 March the Government will then evaluate and communicate the final versions of the measures, including those relating to the Golden Visa, which will then be sent to the General Assembly to undergo parliamentary approval. Only at this point will it be possible to know details regarding the scope of the new measures. 

The current proposal for the renewal of Golden Visas that have already been granted under the real estate route, foresees that these can only be renewed if they are used as their own home, for personal use or by the descendants, or if these units are placed on the long-term rental market.  

As of now, the Golden Visa scheme remains unchanged, at least until Thursday 16 March, when the Government will present the proposed final draft, which then goes to the Parliament for voting. 


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