Moving to Spain


The allure of Spain for expats goes beyond the weather, and they report feeling better both mentally and physically as a result of living there. Over 80 million holidaymakers visit Spain each year and the tourism industry has a lot to offer expats when it comes to career prospects. A good life awaits you in Spain, but don’t expect it to be one long holiday. You may need patience and perseverance to get settled.

It can take time to embrace the slow pace of life in Spain. You’ll need some knowledge of Spanish to get by, particularly when dealing with the bureaucracy and practicalities of daily living. The rewards are worth the effort: the country’s warm climate means you can enjoy its beaches and beautiful countryside all year round. The rich culture is a feast for the senses, with mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, lively flamenco music and striking Iberian architecture and art.

Despite not receiving the same plaudits for career progression and salaries as it does for its relaxed pace of life and scorching summers, Spain makes expats happier and healthier. Their aspirations are to live comfortably among beautiful surroundings.


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