Living In Mauritius: A Guide To Moving To Mauritius As An Expat

If living in an island paradise appeals to you, then perhaps you should consider moving to Mauritius. Situated off the coast of Madagascar, this diverse nation is renowned not just for its natural beauty, but for the exceptional freedom its citizens enjoy.

As an expat living in Mauritius, you can expect a laid-back way of life and plenty of opportunity, along with great schools and healthcare. Here’s everything you need to know about how to move to Mauritius.

What to expect from living in Mauritius as an expat

Sandy beaches and picturesque terrain abound in Mauritius, a remote country that combines historic villages with newly-developing modern cities. With a strong financial services sector, Mauritius is rapidly attracting white-collar workers from around the world. In fact, since gaining independence in 1968, the population of Mauritius has grown by almost half a million, to around 1.3 million in 2022.

A former Dutch, Portuguese, French, and British colony situated at the crossroads between Africa, Arabia, India and East Asia, Mauritius attracts a diverse range of settlers, who all bring their own cultural influences and make Mauritius an exciting, thriving, and inclusive country. As an expat living in Mauritius, you can expect to enjoy a lifestyle unlike anywhere else in the world.

Mauritius is a popular hub for international trade in business. 70% of jobs in Mauritius are in the white-collar services industry, with tourism and financial services two of the strongest sectors. In its final Business Enabling Environment Report (2020), the World Bank listed Mauritius as the 13th best place in the world to do business.