Living In Kenya: A Guide To Moving To Kenya As An Expat

From cosmopolitan capital Nairobi to the beautiful white, sandy beaches along the Mombasa coast, Kenya has it all. And, as an expat living in Kenya, you can expect to enjoy all this and much more.

Kenya is one of the world’s leading safari destinations, one of the cheapest countries in Africa in terms of cost of living, and consistently ranks as one of the best countries in Africa to become an expat. Here, we’ll explain what living in Kenya is like, and offer a handy guide for expats relocating to Kenya in 2023.

What to expect from living in Kenya as an expat

Kenya is a friendly and welcoming country in East Africa that has become a hot-spot for expats from all over the world. While they may come for the warm climate, sandy beaches and cosmopolitan culture (especially in the capital, Nairobi), many find themselves staying for other things – the fresh food and the vibrant atmosphere, to name just a couple. If you too are thinking of relocating to Kenya, you’ll find no shortage of fun, adventure and tranquillity in this rapidly modernising country.

Moving to Kenya is not without its challenges, however. While Kenya is generally stable politically, rising unemployment, high crime rates and inconsistent provision of utilities mean that living in Kenya can often be difficult, even for the most experienced expats.

What is it like to live in Kenya as an expat?

With a population of 55 million people, Kenya is in the top 30 biggest countries in the world. 4.4 million Kenyans live in the bustling capital, Nairobi, which is a trade and financial hub for the whole of East Africa, and the headquarters of many international businesses. A further 1.2 million live in the coastal city and former capital of Mombasa, which is rich in colonial architecture and draws throngs of tourists every year.

Formerly part of British East Africa, the Republic of Kenya achieved its independence in 1963, and has since made a name for itself internationally as a key exporter of the world’s tea, coffee and flowers.