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How to obtain a Non-Resident Tax Number ?

In Portugal we often say that one needs a “NIF” for everything, and it is true! The Tax Identification Number (NIF) is a fundamental element of personal identification, and it is mandatory for many acts, among others, related to the acquisition of goods or services. For instance, buying a house in Portugal or the mere opening of a bank account will require one to have a NIF.

It is important to note that due to concerns with tax evasion and money laundering, the Portuguese law rules that all non-residents who wish to obtain a NIF must appoint a fiscal representative.

This representative must represent you before the Portuguese Fiscal Authorities and is obliged to certain duties, such as:

  • Present all fiscal declarations that the client is obligated to under the Portuguese law;
  • Receive all the official correspondence related to tax affairs in Portugal
  • Proceed to the payment of taxes, upon prior payment of the necessary funds;
  • Claim, contest, and appeal of all decisions of the tax authorities in which the client does not agree;
  • Provide all information requested by the Fiscal Department
  • Keep the client informed about their fiscal status.

Although any resident in Portugal can be a fiscal representative, in order to comply with the legal obligations, your representative should be someone trustworthy and preferably someone that speaks the tax office’s official language, which is Portuguese.

If that would be of your desire PMCG would gladly assist you in the process of obtaining a NIF.

It worths mentioning that should you intend on later moving to Portugal, the tax number is maintained and no longer will be necessary to keep the fiscal representation.


What will it require?

For this purpose, it will be required that you empower us by issuing a Power of Attorney (POA). To facilitate we will send a model so all you have to do is read it and sign.

We also need proof of identity and residency, so we ask you to send the following documents:

1- Copy of your ID card and/or Passport;

2- Any document that could prove your residency, such as an utility bill or a bank account statement.

Once all necessary documents are received, we are able to conduct the application on your behalf at the tax authorities.


How long will it take?

As long as all necessary documents are available, the whole proceeding is expected to be concluded within 1 to2 working days.


Contact us for further information on this subject!