How to Get a Golden Visa for Bank Deposits?——–

Portugal, Greece, and Luxembourg provide Golden Visa schemes that offer residency in return for tangible investments in bank deposits for individuals and legal entities. In this article about the Golden Visa bank account investment option (bank deposits to secure a Golden Visa), we’ll delve into three countries that provide this option to obtain a Golden Visa.

The investment amount varies depending on the country.

  • Greece – €400,000
  • Portugal – €1.5 million (from 2022)
  • Luxembourg – €20 million

Depositing cash in a bank account in return for a Golden Visa is an attractive opinion to acquire residency. Firstly, this route is a safe, simple, risk-free option that comes with peace of mind and whereby you can acquire fixed interest over time. You will also not have to understand property tax laws and legal fees that arise from investing in real estate options for the Golden Visa.

Another clear benefit of the program is that you can hold a multi-currency account in order to protect your money from being diluted by the Foreign Exchange Market (FOREX).

Particularly given current economic uncertainties, such as with the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukrainian War, a Golden Visa bank deposit is a great investment for financial protection. For example, yields from government bonds and real estate – popular Golden Visa options – have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was only very recently that Greece expanded its Golden Visa program to include bank deposits and treasury bonds alongside its real estate investment pathway. While the real estate option is hugely sought after and widely promoted, other options, such as government bonds and bank deposits, are less well known.



Bank deposits for the Portugal Golden Visa are a less well-known investment option. The program allows cash deposits in local banks or in regulated institutions for the Golden Visa, under the capital transfer option.

SEF (Portuguese Immigration and Border Control) requires that you present a Declaration of a credit institution that is registered in or authorized in the Portuguese national territory. You will need to attest to holdership, free from any obligations and charges, of deposit accounts with a balance equal to or more than €1.5 million, resulting from an international transfer or a quota of the same amount when joint accounts are being considered.

Note that the Portugal Golden Visa is coming to an end, and, despite the intricacies of when this will be are still being finalized, there is no time like the present to apply for the program.

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The Portugal Golden Visa bank account option is an attractive one to investors but is not as popular as the better-known real estate option.

There are countless benefits in applying for the Portugal Golden Visa, including the fact that your family members are also eligible, you can reside in one of the safest countries in the world with excellent education and health care systems, and enjoy the sublime climate. After five years you can apply for permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship, provide you meet the requirements under Portuguese law.



Regarding the Luxembourg Golden Visa – also known as the Investor Visa – the applicant is required to deposit €20 million in the form of a deposit with a financial institution established in Luxembourg, with the commitment to maintain the deposit for a five-year period or more.

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The Greece Golden Visa allows you to make a capital contribution of €400,000 or more, in securities or a bank deposit in Greece.

Article 16 of Law 4251-2014, as amended and complemented by Article (c) of Law 4605-2019 is the legal basis of the Golden Visa program that concerns the entry and residence to Greece by making an investment in securities or a bank deposit.

As mentioned, you will need to make a deposit of at least €400,000 in a domestic credit institution, for at least a one-year period, with a standing renewal order. Family members can also be included in your application.


A Golden Visa for bank deposits in Greece means that you will secure a residence permit that is granted for five years. It can then be renewed for a further five years.

Legal entities are also able to make use of this investment option – depositing funds in a Golden Visa bank account.

A certificate from the credit institution on the following is required:

  • Deposit amount
  • Initial amount and duration
  • Existence of a standing renewal order.

Interest rates for bank deposits in Greece can be found here, published by the Bank of Greece. You can also refer to the interest rates for time deposit accounts here.

Once you acquire Greek residency, you can apply for citizenship and a passport after seven years, provided you meet all the criteria.

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Note that Turkey also has an attractive bank deposit option. You will be required to make a bank deposit of at least $500,000 into a Turkish bank account and maintain it for a period of five years. The deposit can be in dollars, Turkish Lira, or an equivalent foreign currency. You can read more about this in our article: Turkey Investment Citizenship 2022: The Ultimate Guide by Experts.


Quick Summary

  • Portugal, Greece, and Luxembourg are the only three EU member states that legally offer a Golden Visa for bank deposits.
  • Greece provides the cheapest bank deposit option, costing only €400,000 to secure residency for five years.
  • Legal entities are eligible to apply for the Golden Visa bank deposit option.


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