How Does Health Insurance Work In Nigeria For Expats?

Are you an expat or digital nomad planning to relocate to Nigeria? As Africa’s most populated country and largest (and fast-growing) economy, Nigeria is an exciting place to move as an expat. Get stuck in to any one of the country’s emerging sectors, from mining and construction to telecommunications, while enjoying the tropical climate, incredible landscapes and vast wildlife reserves waiting to be discovered.

Before you go though, don’t forget to think about healthcare in Nigeria. Whether you’re still in the planning phase or have made the move already, we can help you find international health insurance that’s right for you.

How does health insurance work in Nigeria?

Quality healthcare in Nigeria is limited, and many diseases that are rarely seen in the developed world still cause deaths in Nigeria including cholera, tetanus and polio, malaria, HIV and tuberculosis.

Though Nigeria does have a universal National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), few hospitals offer the quality of facilities, equipment and trained medical professionals you might expect in the western world.

It is recommended for expats moving to Nigeria to consider taking out private international health insurance, to cover their everyday medical needs while staying in the country, including cover for expatriation to countries with better medical facilities for more serious health issues, such as life and limb threatening conditions.