November 18, 2022


Life in Cyprus is generally a lot cheaper than that in the United Kingdom and other European countries. If you do a quick comparison, you’ll find that the actual living costs are around 57% lower in the Republic than in the United Kingdom.

Not only are restaurants and consumer goods reasonably priced in the Mediterranean island, but the overall low monthly spend is what attracts British expats to the nation. Whether you decide to live in the city center, or in one of the least populated areas, all the cities in Cyprus offer locals and tourists alike access to a high quality of life for reasonably average prices, which is why a lot of people choose to apply for permanent residency through the Cyprus Golden Visa, or simply retire in Cyprus.
Price of Food
Food forms an essential part of basic necessities, and access to it in its diversity is what makes or breaks a place. When it comes to it, the prices of groceries in Cyprus are not all that different to the United Kingdom, however, they are still about 8.82% lower, according to Numbeo.

While a KG of chicken may be €0.61 more expensive in Cyprus, a KG of beef is around €0.22 less, and a KG of oranges is €0.47 less. Overall, the difference isn’t all too high, however, if you choose to purchase your produce from local markets and greengrocers, you’ll notice a difference in your accumulated monthly costs. This, in turn, adds to the overall low cost of living in Cyprus.

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